Friday, April 3 - All times in CDT (UTC-5)

10:10 am CDT - Symposia
Interventional Oncology & Embolization: Optimizing the techniques to improve Patient Care
Speakers: Drs. Aaron Fischman, Edward Kim and Seung Kim
Sponsored By: Boston Scientific

Dr. Aaron Fischman, MD

Dr. Edward Kim, MD

Dr. Seung Kim

12:40 pm CDT - Symposia
Conversation with the Experts: New Technology and Device Selection in Embolotherapy
Speakers: Drs. Bulent Arslan, Ripal Gandhi, and Jafar Golzarian 
Sponsored By: Medtronic

Dr. Bulen Arslan

Dr. Ripal Gandhi

Dr. Jafar Golzarian

3:10 pm CDT - 15-Min Talk
Angio-CT Technology for Complex IR/IO Intervention: Maximize Operational Efficiency and Improve Patient Safety
Speakers: Drs. Osman Ahmed and Hamid Nazeer
Sponsored By: Canon Medical

Osman Ahmed, MD

Hamid Nazeer. MD

Saturday, May 1 - All times in CDT (UTC-5)

10:10 am CDT - 15-Min Talk
Introduction to Prestige Plus, the Next Generation of Coiling System in PV 
Speaker: Dr. Sanjiv Parikh
Sponsored By: Balt

Dr. Sanjiv Parikh

10:35 am CDT - 15-Min Talk
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall: Cryoablation Strategies for T1b Tumors
Speaker: Dr. AJ Gunn
Sponsored By: Boston Scientific

Dr. AJ Gunn

12:40 pm CDT - Symposia
New SIRT Guideline Recommendations: Driving Personalized Dosimetry with SIR-Spheres® Y-90 Resin Microspheres 
Moderator: Dr. Hugo Levillain MP, Ph.D.
Dr. Cheenu Kappadath 
Sponsored By: Sirtex

Dr. Hugo Levillain, MP, Ph.D.

Dr. Cheenu Kappadath

3:10 pm CDT - 15-Min Demo
TACE procedure in an Azurion Interventional Oncology Suite
Sponsored By: Philips


Sunday, May 2 - All times in CDT (UTC-5)

10:10 am CDT - 15-Min Demo
Shaping Embolization: How Medtronic Coils are Engineered
Speakers: Tory Schuman, Ph.D. and Dr. Gary Siskin, M.D.
Sponsored By:

Tory Schuman, Ph.D.

Dr. Gary Siskin, M.D. 

10:35 am CDT - 15-Min Talk

Targeted Treatments with TruSelect
Speaker: Dr. Pavan Khanna
Sponsored By: Boston Scientific

Dr. Pavan Khanna


12:40 pm CDT - Symposia
Volume and Softness Where It Matters: Pushing the Boundaries of Embolization with a Complete Coil Platform
Speakers: Drs. Jafar Golzarian, Sarah White, and Ron Winokur
Sponsored By: Penumbra, Inc.

Dr. Jafar Golzarian

Dr. Sarah White

Dr. Ron Winokur


Thursday, July 22 - All times in CDT (UTC-5)

6:00 pm CDT
Prevention and Management of HE in the TIPS Patient

Speaker: Michael Darcy
Sponsored by: W.L. Gore

Dr. Michael Darcy


Wednesday, August 11 - All times in CDT (UTC-5)

7:00 pm CDT
Stop the Bleed: Penumbra’s Low-Profile Platform for Small Vessel Embolization 
Speakers: Parag Patel, Raisa Durrani & Raj Pyne
Sponsored by: Penumbra

Dr. Parag Patel

Dr. Raisa Durrani

Dr. Raj Pyne

Saturday, August 14 - All times in CDT (UTC-5)

9:45 am CDT - Symposia
Advanced Treatment of PAVMs: Embolization Techniques and Follow Up
Speaker: Charles Martin III, M.D.

Dr. Charles Martin, III

Saturday, September 11 - All times in CDT (UTC-5)

12:15 pm CDT - Symposia
CARTO - Effective Embolization Techniques for Treatment of Portal Hypertension
Speaker: Edward W. Lee, MD, PhD, FSIR
Moderator: Navid Eghbalieh, MD

Edward W. Lee, MD, Ph.D., FSIR

Navid Eghbalieh, MD